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Our approach at Alensy is different to the traditional contracting company as we are not a company which only installs solar systems. Our primary goal is to increase our client’s net profits by reducing their entire energy costs. This is done through a holistic approach to energy reduction not only through solar energy, but through energy management, power factor correction and advising on manufacturing processes. That is why we are known as an ENERGY SOLUTIONS company. 


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Historically, solar systems were directly connected to high capital expenses. However, today through various financing options, Alensy transforms opportunity into reality by bridging the gap caused by a lack of funding. We enable our clients to reach immediate cashflow savings through financing, without requiring any deposit and/or collateral. Alensy offers all clients the opportunity, not only to save on their electricity expenses but also to alleviate their cash flow constraints, by our client-specific financing solutions. These solutions can be personalised as fixed lease-to-own systems on a 5-year, 7-year or 10-year basis.

To date, Alensy has financed R45 million in Solar Assets. Considering the electricity availability and reliability in Africa, our financing solutions offer everyone the opportunity to become independent from the hold of monopolistic utilities.


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Grid-Tied Solar Solutions are low risk investments that generate electricity from the sun through PV Solar Panels. These systems are connected to the utility grid, enabling the consumer to use power from the PV system as much as possible, while relying on the utility when necessary. In short, these systems reduce the monthly electricity bill and have minimal running costs. The savings gained from these systems are the return on the capital invested. Generally, Grid-Tied Systems have a payback period of 3-5 years.


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Solar off-grid systems are systems that provide electricity on a 24/7 basis without a connection to the utility grid. A solar off-grid system provides users the opportunity to produce and store electricity, where no connection to the utility grid is available or undesirable. It further offers an excellent alternative to diesel-powered generators, which are generally inefficient and expensive to operate.

Alensy has vast experience in the off-grid market as it was our core business for many years. We have installed the largest off-grid storage solution in Namibia (1MWh) and Zambia (1MWh) under full Engineering, Procurement, and Construction.


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The first utility-scale PV park in Namibia, Omburu, was constructed by Alensy in 2015. Hereafter, we have been contracted to act as a construction partner for numerous projects throughout the country. To date, we have installed 67 MWp of utility-scale parks, ranging from 5 MWp to 12 MWp installations. The design of these installations differs, not only in size but in equipment and site-specific challenges as well. We have experience in the installation of different sub-systems i.e. different tracker structures, string inverters vs. central inverters, 22kV switchgear vs. 66kV switchgear, to name a few. Alensy is  a full EPC company that offers global clients a turnkey solution, specific to African challenges.


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Alensy offers various residential solutions to energy consumption. These solutions include Solar Systems, Hybrid Systems and Solar Water Heaters.

Megasun Solar Water Heaters is one of the world leaders in their market with more than 40 years’ experience in over 70 countries. With worldwide certification and recognition, they have been working in the Namibian environment for more than 15 years. Thus, clearly illustrating that this product is suitable and reliable for Alensy’s Customers.

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